Full programme

Mystery Box Challenge - Fleur Sullivan


Venue & Duration

Garden Kitchen

30 - 45 minutes

Join Fleur Sullivan, top chef from Fleur's Place, as she cooks up a storm in the Meadow Mushrooms Mystery Box Challenge. This plant-based challenge is undertaken under the watchful and sometimes cheeky eye of celebrity chef, Jax Hamilton and tasks top chefs from around Christchurch and the South Island to create new and exciting dishes from mystery ingredients.

"After many enjoyable years in the Heritage and Hospitality Industry and 20 years in Olivers restaurant and Lodge in Central Otago, I followed the dream to live in Moeraki by the sea.

I soon found my self-surrounded by fish stock, Cod liver pate and smoked Conga eel, mussels, seaweeds, boats and...

Next came a small caravan selling soup and fish at the beach, and then the temptation to build a small restaurant became too great.

Surrounded by sea on three sides, a perfect location at the Old Jetty allowed me to indulge myself once again in restoration, recycling and restauranting.”