Full programme

Mystery Box Challenge - Daniel Jenkins


Venue & Duration

Garden Kitchen

30 - 45 minutes

Join Daniel Jenkins, top chef from Kaikōura Cheese, as he cooks up a storm in the Meadow Mushrooms Mystery Box Challenge. This plant-based challenge is undertaken under the watchful and sometimes cheeky eye of celebrity chef, Jax Hamilton and tasks top chefs from around Christchurch and the South Island to create new and exciting dishes from mystery ingredients.

"At Kaikoura Cheese we create some of the finest Artisan Cheese in this part of the world.

Making semi-hard, semi-soft and soft fresh whipped, soft ripened and washed rind cheeses using traditional open vats combined with the best of modern techniques.

We believe that we are blessed with a unique environment in Kaikoura where the hills come down to meet the sea. This leads to a unique fauna ideal for making delightful, tasty and funky cheese. We are convinced that you get to taste a bit of Kaikoura in every bite of our cheese.

We make cheese with milk from Jersey cows, Sannan goats and New Zealand sheep. And our cheese is like no other. Taste it and see. "