Full programme

Mystery Box Challenge - Alex Davies


Venue & Duration

Garden Kitchen

30 - 45 minutes

Join Alex Davies, top chef from Gatherings, as he cooks up a storm in the Meadow Mushrooms Mystery Box Challenge. This plant-based challenge is undertaken under the watchful and sometimes cheeky eye of celebrity chef, Jax Hamilton and tasks top chefs from around Christchurch and the South Island to create new and exciting dishes from mystery ingredients.

Alex Davies is the Chef Owner of highly acclaimed Gatherings Restaurant on the corner of Bealey and Papanui Road. The groundbreaking restaurant has been a staple of the Christchurch Restaurant scene for the past four years, with Alex taking Canterbury food culture and showcasing it all across the country, and globally in Paris and London. The restaurant and Alex celebrate all that is great from our little region and Alex is very much excited to show you a few tricks from the Gatherings kitchen at Grow this year!