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West Rolleston Primary School

We are looking forward to participating in our second GROW festival! We have a great new design featuring a place everyone can call home!

''Welcome Home' is a reflection of many aspects of our school. First and foremost we wanted our garden to be welcoming and a place where people felt relaxed and at home. Our school has only just turned five, and the majority of our learners have moved to Rolleston in this time. In addition 50% of our learners have an ethnicity other than New Zealand European. If you look closely you will see plants that have their origins in Africa, South America, The Mediterranean, Europe and the Pacific, just like our students! Some of the plants also have culinary and decorative and ceremonial purposes in our student's cultures.

Our School name in Maori is Te Kura o Te Uru Kowhai, so the colour yellow also features prominently. Finally, our garden also provides a home for many beneficial insects which demonstrates another important value to our school- a commitment to the environment.