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St Margaret's College Junior School

Key concept- to use the garden as a vehicle for in-depth teaching of the concept Kaitiaki in the Junior school.

Being Kaitiaki or guardians of our environment: We will all have a part in creating the garden as a place to model the ways that guardians look after and care for the land, the plants, and the creatures that inhabit it whist learning many aspects of well-being that plants, creatures, and humans need to lead healthy lives.

A representation of our place: Our Junior School garden has a rich history and this is a chance for us to showcase them. This is also a way that we can talk about how we care for our school.

As well as the idea of Kaitiakitanga of the garden, creating the garden will enable the girls to use their REDS skills, our Junior School Values.

Responsible Citizen- We will learn the skills needed to care for the garden and know what each plant or insect needs. We will understand aspects of recycling, what it means to be organic, how the garden uses organic sprays and composting, to name a few.

Effective communicator- An effective communicator will know about the different elements in the garden and will be able to explain these. We will have knowledge about the garden and we will be excited to share it.

Dynamic thinker- A dynamic thinker will be able to problem-solve e.g. “How will we show our learning in a different way?” “ How do we protect our garden?” “What flowers do pollinators like?” “ What plants are beneficial to our health?” The list goes on!

Self-manager- We will work as a team to create the garden. A collaborative approach to creating this garden will need self-manager skills such as thinking of the impact of our actions on others, working together to create, organisation of materials, thoughts, and self.

It will showcase how our school has a special character that encompasses children from many different countries. It will demonstrate that there is a big sister- little sister relationship between our girls that is also very special.