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Diamond Harbour School

Banks Peninsula is a unique place with many historical features, habitats, and native flora and fauna, which we want to see thrive through many generations. For many people, Banks Peninsula is a gorgeous getaway and we want to keep it like that. The variety of native plants and wildlife is exquisite, and we can't let that fade away. As a whanau, community, and wider we want many generations to enjoy this wonderful location, and to make many memories, but to accomplish this goal, we need to look after our habitat. Our Grow Ōtautahi garden is a great way to encourage our local and wider community to think about the actions they make and how they would like to see the Banks Peninsula in the future. Our garden's outcome will hold a variety of knowledge, hard work, and meaning.

Our goal is to create an educational garden that has a message and teaches the importance of saving the natural environment of Banks Peninsula. When observing our Grow Ōtautahi garden we want our Tangata to think about the problems that our native environment is facing. Our garden will showcase the pros and cons of Banks Peninsula's environment, which is home to many endemic species and will represent the coastal habitats.

Our garden Grow Ōtautahi will represent the native flora and fauna which inhabits Banks peninsula. There will be many unique features that will have a meaningful place throughout the development. Our garden will have many types of native plants to Banks peninsula which will attract native species. The elements in our garden such as calendula will enrich our soil and we'll make it healthier. Another kind of native plant we are growing is the coastal daisies, which can grow anywhere and they are resistant to insects. We will also incorporate foxgloves which come with pros cons but will succeed. Other plants will also be involved to help the garden come to life to create our amazing Banks Peninsula.

Diamond Harbour is an environmentally friendly school, as part of our school education, we get the opportunity to test the water quality with Nature agents. Water quality plays a big part in the environment and food chain, and that's why we test it. Our community needs to prove a point and needs to welcome our native species. Banks Peninsula is slowly losing their wildlife and we need to make a move now!